The myths of Anal Bleaching

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Anal Bleaching Myths

In this article, we will explore common myths about the sensitive subject of Anal Bleaching.  Searches on the subject of anal bleaching have been increasing greatly every year and there is a ton of misinformation out there.  Hopefully we can dispel some of this misinformation.


Myth #1: Anal Bleaching is for just porn stars

While it may be true that the idea of anal bleaching might have gotten it’s start in the adult film industry, the reality is that anal bleaching is very mainstream today.  Men and women of many age groups have bleached their anus or are considering doing so.

Myth #2: Anal Bleaching is dangerous

Anal bleaching does not need to be dangerous or harmful in any way.  Yes, there are some dangerous or potentially harmful procedures out there but it’s like anything – do you research first!  Visit a reputable website and read up on anal bleaching to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Let’s face it, your butt is a pretty sensitive piece of skin, you do not want to go into this uninformed!  And one last thing on this myth: Anal Bleach is not a bleach at all, but typically a relatively harmless ingredient such as Kojic acid.

Myth #3: Anal Bleaching is expensive

Like anything, cost is relative.  If you can’t afford a coffee from Starbucks, chances are you can’t afford to do anal bleaching.  But if you can afford $100 (or less), then you can easily bleach your bum.  If you want, you can indeed spend a lot more by going to a surgeon or spas but that isn’t necessary anymore.  HINT: check out the anal bleaching cream reviews here for safe, effective and inexpensive ways to bleach your anus.

Myth #4: Anal Bleaching doesn’t work

Nothing could be further from the truth.  There are a number of different, proven options that can noticeably lighten your anus.  These options include laser treatment, spa treatment and home lightening cream treatments.  All of these methods have been shown to work in many different studies and over many years now.  If you choose to go with intimate whitening in your home, just make sure that you read reviews on all the different products out there to make sure you get the one that will work best for you.

Myth #5: Anal Bleaching only works on dark skin

This myth likely stems from the fact that darker skinned people tend to have even darker skin in sensitive areas like their anus, vagina, inner thighs and underarms.  But the reality is that even very fair skinned people can suffer from dark skin in all these areas too.  To prove a point: Japanese women are typically very fair skinned .  Yet anal bleaching in Japan is very common and is sought out by probably a larger percentage of women in that country vs. the US.

Myth #6: Only ‘loose’ women would consider Anal Bleaching

This myth clearly gets it’s origins from the origins of anal bleaching itself – the adult film industry.  The reality is that anal bleaching is very mainstream now and women from their twenties and up into their fifties or older are doing it.  Not sure?  Check out high profile sites like Cosmopolitan or MarieClaire.  Yup, even these sites are writing articles on the subject.  The real ‘dirty’ secret here is that normal, everyday women are experimenting more and more with anal sex and therefore are becoming more aware of how they look on the back end.


Whew, now I feel like the Mythbusters!  If you have any comments on the article or more myths you’d like busted, please leave a comment below.  If you go ahead and bleach that bum of yours, dro us a comment and let us know what you used and how it went for you.

One final parting gift – here is an awesomely funny standup comedy routine that pokes fun at anal bleaching. Enjoy 🙂