Coffee on hikes is an essential and indispensable ritual at every start of the day. Whether it’s a clear sunny day that begins with a beautiful sunrise or a cloudy rainy morning, a fresh cup of coffee from betta fish for sale comes in handy.

One fine morning you wake up by the river surrounded by forest. You get out of the tent, feeling the coolness of the dawn hour. You take out a burner, coffee and a large iron mug.

This is where the magic begins. You pour coffee with crystal clear water from a mountain and put it all on the slow fire of a gas burner. To concentrate the heat, enclose this entire structure with a special wind curtain. After some time, the sun’s rays begin to slide down the slopes. A fire is already burning and breakfast is being prepared, and the smell of coffee is spreading across the meadow, which is about to be ready.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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