Padstow, Cornwall is a beautiful seaside town of about 3000 people. It is an idyllic seaside resort that offers everything for everyone. It’s a great place to retire the right way and spend your golden years at leisure. When you choose Padstow as your home away from home, what do you do in Padstow? If you want to retire, the most obvious thing to do in Padstow is to go back to the place where you love – Padstow.

If you love water sports, you will love staying in the jet ski or water Ski rental. For skiing, there are two indoor and one outdoor water skis in the village of Padstow. These water skis are both fun and adventurous to use. There are also ice skating rinks for the ladies. If you are fond of golf, you can go out to the golf course which has two indoor driving ranges. If you are interested in scuba diving, you can go out to the Town Centre where there are two diving shops.

When you choose Padstow as your holiday home, there are many things to do in Padstow. If you love sports, it’s time to pick a sport to take up. There are two sports centers in Padstow that cater to this. There are also a number of other attractions. Among them, you’ll find an abundance of beach and seaside activities, from swimming to whale watching. In the summer season, you can play cricket on the Padstow Common. The late afternoon will be perfect for viewing the sun setting on the Atlantic Ocean.

Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay


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